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SEO is considered highly significant in the digital world because the visibility, traffic, and opportunities of your website depend on it. Quality SEO practices improve the usability of the site and user experience. Users tend to trust websites having a presence in the top positions of search engine results more. So, it is essential to know about the factors that impact a website’s SEO performance.

  • The website’s navigation structure:
    Factors like the average time that a user spends on the web page, the engagement rate, the bounce rate, and the conversion rate are affected by the website’s navigation structure. These factors contribute to the search engine rankings and revenue of a site.

    A creative and well-designed navigation menu supports a website’s SEO strategy and helps secure good results on the search page.

  • The website’s loading speed:
  • The loading speed of a website plays a massive role in determining the traffic and search engine rankings of a website. A user generally tends to avoid visiting a web-page that is slow to load. It reduces traffic and increases the bounce-back rate.

    The design of a website has a high impact on the loading speed of a website. Therefore, it is vital to design WebPages in such a manner that it is quick to access.

  • Pop-ups 
    Some websites show pop-up ads as soon as a user visits the site. This might be frustrating to some users who visited the website for information. Too many pop-up ads increase the rate of quitting a website that contributes to poor search engine rankings.

    So, minimizing the use of pop-ups or considering an exit-intent pop-up (that appears when the user is about to leave the website) can improve search engine rankings.

  • Reading experience
    The reading experience is a crucial part of website design that affects your SEO strategy’s efficiency.

    When users search for the keywords that your website is associated with, they expect to receive the required information. The user’s quality reading experience leads to a lower bounce rate, higher on-page time, and increased engagement rate.

    So, the design of the website should be user-friendly and content specific concerning its associative keywords.

  • Images, icons and alt text
    Websites use images and icons to interest the users and increase the engagement rate of their website. However, the image size, quality, and quantity play a role in determining the website’s loading speed. Too many images may slow down the site. The images used should also be relevant to the concerned keyword to get better search engine results.

    So, it is essential to design a web-page with proper images that would not harm its functioning quality.

    Web design plays a significant role in SEO performance despite it being a different aspect of online business. A proper well-designed website that ensures quality user experience is the most crucial factor in Search Engine Optimization. It is essential to understand the dependency of the two aspects to attain good results for a website.

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