Best Ways for Blog Post Optimization to Make Content SEO-Friendly

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If you are one of the many bloggers currently active on the Internet, then you must know the importance of SEO-optimization for making it friendlier to the search engine. The chances are that you spend a considerable amount of your time weekly in search of the best ways to optimize your content.

Business blogs provide enormous scope for digital marketing, but sadly not many bloggers are aware of the considerable potential. Among those who are, not many know how to utilize that opportunity and make the most out of it. Through this brief article, we aim to enlighten that group of bloggers who are yet unaware of the best ways to optimize your content for SEO.

  1. Perform ample research: The first thing you need to do is perform elaborate analysis regarding the keywords you want to target through your content. There is a big chance that your content already includes keywords without your knowledge. But there are lots of online resources and tools at your disposal, which you can use to figure out the most valuable keywords relevant to your content. Some of those tools are or Google  Ad words etc.
  2. Use those keywords throughout your content.
    Once you have finalized your list of target keywords for your content, ensure that you use each one of them throughout your post. It is of utmost importance that you utilize the keywords appropriately throughout your content as it impacts the search engine crawlers that index your content. The keywords must be present in each of the following parts of your content.

    • The title of your blog
    • All headings and subheadings
    • The introductory sentence
    • The conclusion
    • Meta descriptions

    We must also be careful not to stuff our article with too many keywords and hamper its readability. We must make sure to place the keywords strategically so that the sentences make perfect sense and relevance to the concept of the blog.

  3. Use images and videos.
    Uploading images and videos to your content enhances your SEO score primarily. Remember to include your target keywords in the file name of these images and videos. The other text fields can also be filled with an appropriate keyword if it is applicable.
  4. Put about other links.
    Whenever you get the chance to mention articles or information from other blogs or articles, make sure you add the links as external references to your content. It is a goof blogging ethic and also works as an excellent SEO technique. Adding quality links to your articles helps them improve their ranks in Search engine results.
  5. Add an option for readers to subscribe to your blog.That usually goes without saying that including a prominent RSS or button for feed subscriptions provides the viewers to subscribe to your regular content and also connect to your blogs instantly. They get a notification whenever you put up new content, and this improves your SEO friendliness.

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